This morning Martin Rosenbaum from the BBC has published the official results of the EU Referendum in 1,070 wards across the UK. The link to Martin’s excellent write-up is here:

I want to thank Martin and the BBC for doing this. As some of you know I’ve been asking for official EU referendum results at a smaller level of geography than the counting areas.

The map below shows the results in the 1,070 wards Martin has results for. Red = Leave and Blue = Remain. Click on the wards to get the ward name, counting area name and results themselves. Zoom in and out as you please.

Note: Many ward counts also included some postal votes from across the counting area, and therefore some variation between wards will have been masked by the random allocation of postal votes for counting. This makes the results less accurate geographically, but we can still use the information to explore broad national and local patterns.